@      FDJ 2023 revenue hits €2.6bn; net income up 38.1%

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FDJ 2023 revenue hits €2.6bn; net income up 38.1%

La Française des Jeux (FDJ) has released its revenue report for 2023, with the operator making €2.6bn ($2.8bn). This reflects growth of 6.5%, up from the €2.5bn reported last year. Recurring EBITDA was €657m, up 11.3%, with FDJ reporting net income of €425m - a jump of 38.1% from last year.  


FDJ’s lottery ventures, which include the Euromillions and Amigo, made €1.9bn in 2023, accounting for roughly 73.1% of the operator's revenue. Including the two businesses mentioned, this reflects growth of 1.1%, and without reflects growth of 4.9%. 

The Euromillions reported 23 high jackpot draws (> €75m) in 2023, compared to the record high 43 from last year. The second semester was particularly low in terms of draws, with only eight draws compared to 2022’s 27 draws. Amigo, meanwhile, was relaunched with a new formula in June. Since then, the business has stabilised.  

Other new launches and relaunches from FDJ include EuroDreams, Club Color and Mission Nature.  

Net gaming revenue for lottery operations overall was up 10%, or 17% excluding Euromillions. 

Sports betting, online gaming and ZEturf 

FDJ acquired ZEturf in late 2023,blackjack bet365 allowing the operator to enter the online horseracing market alongside its existing online sports betting and poker services. Sports betting and online gaming made €518m in 2023, up 10.9% (or 8.4% excluding ZEturf). FDJ noted that 20% of online sports betters go on to play their online poker games, suggesting efficient synergy between its offerings. 

With the acquisition, FDJ is now the fourth-largest French sports betting and online gaming operator, with a market share of over 10%.  

The company’s growth was in part explained by the FIFA World Cup, which occurred at the end of 2022 and saw momentum carry through to 2023. FDJ expects ZEturf to continue its development under its new ownership, with the Champions League and Ligue 1 being pinned as events of note.