@      Melco receives praise for cage-free egg policy in Macau

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Melco receives praise for cage-free egg policy in Macau

Melco Resorts & Entertainment has received praise, for a new policy to source only cage-free eggs for all of its operations in Macau and around the world.

This policy is in collaboration with Lever Foundation to carry out its commitment to cage-free eggs.

Hens that are not caged and allowed to roam freely in barns and other open spaces produce cage-free eggs.

Anita Suen, Sustainability Program Manager at international NGO Lever Foundation, said: “Melco's commitment to a swift transition to cage-free eggs sets an example for other hotel and restaurant groups in Macau to follow and we are confident that many more will join this pledge soon.

"Cage-free egg policies not only benefit animal welfare but also provide a safer and higher quality food option for consumers.”

Ms. Augusta Vargas-Prada, Supply Chain at Melco VP, said: “Melco recognises sustainability as being fundamental to our business and responsibility to our communities. The new cage-free egg policy is just one of the steps we are taking towards more sustainable and responsible practices.” 

Recently, Melco in its new sustainability report, said: “Since March 2022,Online Casino Games 100% of the eggs served at City of Dreams Manila are from cage-free, local sources. With most of our F&B outlets in Macau following suit, delivering on our commitment to source and offer 100% cage-free eggs by 2025 across our entire portfolio is within sight.”

Local egg distributors were able to increase the supply of cage-free eggs quickly and make the products widely available in the Macau market thanks to Melco's quick transformation. This has helped other food companies in Macau, such as caterers, eateries, bakeries and more, transition to cage-free eggs.